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Planning For Week Day Corporate Events

Doorkeeper.com, an event planning software business, surveyed clients who have organized over 10,000 events using their software. The survey identified what made events successful. The information they gleaned is interesting and insightful, and could help make your event a little better.

If you're planning a midweek corporate event, be it a conference, seminar, meeting, dinner, or awards ceremony, here are a few things to consider before getting started.

According to Doorkeeper.com:

  • Events held on Monday get the most registrations (75% of seats are filled), while those held on Saturday get the least (66% of seats are filled).

  • Most events are held on Saturday (25% of Doorkeeper events), whereas the least events are held on Monday (8% of Doorkeeper events). This makes Monday a less competitive day to have your event, and decreases the chance you'll have a conflict with another event.

  • If you want to make sure people who register for your event actually show up, charge money for your event, even if it's a nominal fee. If people prepay for your event, they are more likely to show up then if it's a free or a "pay at the door" event. When someone registers to a paid event, they tend to be more serious about attending.

  • Click here to read the entire survey.

Also, keep these helpful hints in mind as you plan.

  • If you're hosting an evening event, plan around realistic time frames. For instance, factor in appropriate time for set up and a reasonable time for guest arrival. While many volunteers may take off work for the day, or even leave a few hours early, they need enough time to get everything ready before guests arrive. On the flip side, guests may want to go home and change before coming to your event. Keep these time constraints in mind as you set your start time.

  • Choose an engaging presenter or a popular guest speaker. Sometimes guests will come simply to hear from a speaker they like.

  • Make sure your menu is suitable for the majority. You can accomplish this by having a buffet meal (which is often less expensive than a plated meal), an add-on salad bar, or at least one plated vegetarian option in addition to your meat-based selections.

  • While Doorkeeper.com's survey results suggest that Monday is the ideal day for corporate events, it's not the only day that you can host a successful event. Some week days may be better than others according to industry or target audience. Take this into consideration when choosing a day.

  • Consider other events that may impact your attendance. If your event falls on a holiday or a long weekend, during a highly-anticipated televised event (Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, Olympics, Academy Awards, etc.), or at the same time as another local special event, chances are your attendance numbers will be low.

If you're looking for a helpful e-book that will take you through the nitty gritty of event planning, check out Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Meeting, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives, And Other Special Events. It's an investment, but for first-time event planners, it may be a life-saver.

Book your event at Sandy Cove

Whatever midweek corporate or business function you need to plan, we can help! We have many meeting rooms, a large dining room, free WiFi, and plenty of parking. It's a one-stop-shop for a successful business event.

Our Chesapeake Lodge has meeting rooms that can accommodate groups up to 550 people. We offer a variety of meeting room arrangements including theater-style, u-shape, semi-circle, circle, and chevron. Several rooms have in-room A/V, and most are handicapped accessible with restrooms nearby.

If you need a meal for your event, we offer delicious buffet meals in our Water's Edge Dining Room. Let us know in advance and we can accommodate your group at tables of 8-10. Our all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffets also include a full salad bar and a delicious dessert.

If overnight accommodations are needed for out of town guests, we have plenty of onsite lodging.

To discuss event options, date availability, price estimates, and more, call (800) 234-2683 and ask for Group Sales, fill out our Group Interest Form, or email groupinfo@sandycove.org.

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