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5 Kinds of Retreats Perfect For This Spring

No, it's not spring yet, but it's the right time to start planning your springtime retreat. You may have a million retreat ideas in mind; the only problem is picking one. On the other hand, you may rack your brain trying to come up with some good ideas. Whoever you're planning a retreat for, be it a civic or non-profit organization, youth group, church, ladies auxiliary, educational team, etc., we've got a few ideas for you.

While you should spend time and energy creating a theme and hashing out details for your retreat, you first need to decide what kind of retreat you're planning to host.

In this post, we'll focus on five types of retreats that have been successful for us. We're sure they can be successful for you, too!

Mother & Daughter

Relationships between mothers and daughters are unique and often dependent on personalities. Some relationships are more open and nurturing than others. Because these relationships are important but not always easy to foster, creating retreats for mothers and daughters is helpful. Retreats can provide a time for reconnecting, establishing trust, and making memories. It's a place to unplug from the hectic hubbub of everyday life. During the retreat, clear away distractions, and provide opportunities for mothers and daughters to not only rebuild their relationship but expand it.

While not held during spring, at Camp Sandy Cove (our campus in West Virginia), we offer Mother & Daughter Camp. It includes lodging for two nights, five meals, three snacks, recreational activities (including horseback riding, swimming, and archery), and Bible sessions with worship. Mothers and daughters alike are encouraged to laugh, sing, play, talk, pray, and grow close together during this retreat weekend.

Father & Son

Most of us believe that father and son time is important. The relationship a boy has with his father greatly shapes the man he will become in the future. A father and son retreat, then, should encourage and foster intentional and relational experiences. That may seem like a lot of pressure. Can a retreat actually make that big of a difference? It sure can! Plan with these guys in mind, and a lot can happen, including bonding and trust building.

In the spring, we help fathers and sons launch into the next level of their relationship with our CATAPULT retreat. It's for fathers and their 10-13 year old sons; the next one is April 28-30, 2017, at Sandy Cove in North East, Maryland. Held in the campground, it’s a manly weekend with camp style activities, cookouts, campfires, practical ways to apply biblical truth, and fun times for guys to just be guys.

We hold our Father & Son Camp in the summer at our Camp Sandy Cove campus in West Virginia. We encourage the guys to create incredible memories together by playing hard, eating tons of delicious grub, worshipping, sitting around the bonfire, but most importantly, learning from God’s Word.

Girls' Night Out

Life is busy. From packing lunches, doing laundry, going to work, raising children, and spending meaningful time with spouses, every moment of every day feels like it's assigned a task. Because of this, women need a night out! Focus your retreat on the ladies and plan a relaxing night of pampering. Planning a retreat that refreshes the body and soul is priceless. An evening with pedicures and manicures, massages, and great food constitutes an amazing night out.

Because we know that every busy woman needs time to relax, we offer Girls' Night Out events throughout the year. Refreshment and being fed from God's Word is what most Christian woman crave. Our next Girls' Night Out and A Day Off is scheduled for March 16-17, 2017. We like to kick things off with a delicious dinner buffet before unleashing the entertainment, worship, and laughter. We encourage everyone to stay the night instead of rushing home without getting the full opportunity to relax and visit with the speaker.


All too often, marriages get sidetracked, stuck in a rut, or begin to fall apart. Attending a couple’s retreat has the tendency to bring the focus back to the relationship. It can re-establish the foundational bonds. A marriage - or couples - retreat gives partners an opportunity to discuss and solve problems that may have developed by the relationship growing apart.

We love hosting all-inclusive Christian marriage retreats. We bring in a specially selected keynote speaker who presents practical, Biblically-based marriage advice. There's always time to process each session, talk with other couples, spend time in prayer, and relax. Communicating as a husband and wife without distractions is essential for a healthy marriage. It ties right in with Sandy Cove’s mission: to help people connect with God and each other.


Here's a fun bonus idea. What about creating a retreat for a unique niche group? Scrapbookers! Bring in a scrapbooking professional to provide value to those who come hoping to finish up their latest book or start a new project. All they need is space to work and food, and they'll have the time of their lives.

We host a couple scrapbooking events each year. Our Crop Around the Clock retreats (the next one is February 17-19, 2017) provide a time to create, share, rest, and relax. Each person is given a permanent table space for the weekend and has access to a scrapbooking consultant who's on hand to assist with both traditional and digital scrapbookers.

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