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Hold On For the Ride

I realized I was totally tensed up in my seat. My hands were gripping the armrests. I was hyper aware of every twitch of the person next to me.

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The Planner's Intro To Event Promotion On Social Media

It doesn't matter if you're planning an event for your church, a local charity, favorite nonprofit, or school, if you're serving in a volunteer role, it's important to grasp and utilize social media for event promotion.

Social media is one of the most valuable tools event planners can use to disseminate information about events and meetings, interact with attendees, solicit feedback, and create year-round engagement with a target audience.

Here are a few tips for promoting your event(s) on social media, plus step-by-step instructions for setting up a Facebook Business Page event.

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Something For Everyone. Everything Is Optional.

It was to be the perfect family photo. There we were after a good hike up to the top of Telegraph Peak outside of Yuma, AZ. I’m wearing my khaki "dad" cargo shorts; there’s Caleb with his shy smile, my wife, Evelyn, with her "mom" sunglasses, and then . . . what in the world is going on with TJ?

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A Great Small Group Leader Does These 6 Things

Church-based Small Groups are a vital part of spiritual growth. If you're a Small Group leader, you believe this, so you're working hard to nurture the relationships and spiritual vitality of participating members. Your group is probably much more to you than a Christian responsibility; it probably feels more like a family—which is exactly how it should be.

Many people wonder what makes a Small Group leader great, or impactful. Another question people ponder is why some Small Groups continually grow while others flounder and shrink. The answer to these questions, in short, is this: a leader's effectiveness revolves around character and habits exhibited outside of Small Group.

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Where To Start When Planning An Event For Your Church

Each ministry within the church has a purpose and a function. Within those ministries, often events are planned, usually for outreach, fellowship, or edification.

Here are a few of those events. Which have you helped to plan in the past? Which do you plan to help organize in the future? Hopefully this list will not only give you a feel for the breadth of events possible, but also a few top-level ideas for planning and executing them.

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Can Family Camp Actually Change Your Life, Really?

YES! Actually no… Well, probably, kind of?

Maybe I can explain. I’d say yes, because we hear stories about it happening all the time.

But no, because transformation is not something I can control. I’m the Program Director, but I can’t just add “life change” to an open slot in Wednesday's afternoon schedule. I can’t deliver that, so I don’t want to promise it. But that does not stop it from happening.

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