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The Good, Good News

I’ve been around the biblical story my whole life. I feel fortunate to say that, blessed and thankful to have grown up in a home where the Bible was treasured and taught.

Topics: Spiritual Formation

What Did Jesus Do? (And Why We Should, Too)

Our faith doesn’t have to be perfect (without defect) in order for God to miraculously intervene in our lives. In fact, just the hint of faith, the smallest indication of trust, is enough to get God’s attention. According to Jesus, colossal faith is not a prerequisite to move mountains; a tiny kernel of faith is sufficient — faith as small as a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20). Surprisingly, even the presence of unbelief doesn’t exclude us from experiencing the miraculous (Mark 9:24). The challenge is to look to God for help even when the circumstances seem impossible and our faith seems inadequate.

Topics: Spiritual Formation

Seeking the Kingdom First

Jesus never doubts the provision of God. He never worries that there won’t be enough. He always pushes us to trust God completely. One of the ways he does that is by teaching us who God is and how God acts.

Topics: Spiritual Formation

Putting on the Armor of God

In late 2008, terrorists attacked India’s most populous city, Mumbai, unleashing a cavalcade of murder and mayhem that struck fear in the hearts of the citizenry and resulted in a significant loss of human life. As reports of these attacks began to appear on cable news outlets here in the United States, I was riveted, and also deeply troubled. Four years earlier, I had spent two mostly sleepless nights in Mumbai on my way to and from Visakhapatnam, a bustling city on India’s east coast.

Topics: Spiritual Formation

Living in Athens

I was listening to a news briefing and heard a quote from Ben Affleck:

Topics: Spiritual Formation

Camping Is Life

Lots of Family Camp guests come up to me in the summer and say something like: “It seems like you are here all the time! Where do you go on vacation??” Well, believe it or not, I go camping!

Topics: Family Camp